June 24-25, 2017
5PM-5AM Overnight Immersion

Ever thought about truly testing your limits? Discovering what you are really made of?

The Animus Evolution program is here to challenge each participant to discover their toughest and most potent self. In this 12 hour program, each initiate will embark on the most physically and mentally demanding challenge to date. The emphasis for this program will be on mental toughness and self-awareness in the context of intense physical training based off proven military progressions. 

The 2017 Animus 3.0 theme is "No Crutch." What crutches do you rely on in your life? What would happen if they were taken away? Discover the depths of your strength and power of teamwork in this transformative experience, unlike anything else you have completed.

Animus creator Gunnar Regan is ready to answer your questions. 

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