140217 Foucault, Durkheim, Janet, & Conover

We did the below workout at today's 6am and it was awesome. In addition, we had an interesting conversation around prison sociology, economics, and the role of the penal system in the US. Here's a couple of the things that we ended up discussing: 


Foucault, Michel. Discipline and Punish, 1975



Durkheim, Emile. 

For if society lacks the unity that derives from the fact that the relationships between its parts are exactly regulated, that unity resulting from the harmonious articulation of its various functions assured by effective discipline and if, in addition, society lacks the unity based upon the commitment of men's wills to a common objective, then it is no more than a pile of sand that the least jolt or the slightest puff will suffice to scatter.

—Émile Durkheim[20]


Janet, Pierre. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Janet


Conover, Ted.  New Jack. 2001. 





Front Squat 2RM

5 Strokes at 95% ME on the Erg

5 Thrusters 135/115

10 Strokes

10 Thrusters

15 Strokes 

15 Thrusters

Rest 1:1

15/15, 10/10, 5/5


Open Prep: courtesy--you know who....


1) 7X1 Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – work to a max for the day, rest 90 sec.

2A) 3X5 Snatch Grip BTN Push Press – heavier than last week, rest 90 sec.
2B) 3X3 Snatch 1st Pull (3 count pause at knee) – 110-120% while maintaining consistent torso angle, rest 90 sec.


1a) 3X5/3 Strict C2B + ME Kipping C2B Pull-ups – rest 2:00
1b) 3X20 (steps) Overhead Walking Lunges – heaviest possible, rest 2:00


5 rounds of:

1:00 ME Wall Ball 30/20# (use a 12/11′ target if you done have 30/20# balls)
1:00 ME 6″ Target Burpees
1:00 Rest