140316 Tiger Balm

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

Warm up: 500m or 2’ jump rope

20 banded split squats per leg

20 trx pullup

10 pass throughs

20 shoulder touch

20 grasshopper

20 med ball press 10 per side

30” pigeon per leg

1’ per side shin to wall

foam roll: it bands, quads, back, calf-achilles, lats


Skill/Strength: Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

20 American Swings (even)

Forearm Plank 45” (odd)


Then, Hang Squat Clean Thruster with 2-db’s or 2-kb’s on the minute for 10’.

2x Heavy or 5x Medium. Pick either 2 reps or 5 reps and stick with it. 



75 Single Unders (jump rope or 15 double unders)

20 abmat situps

20” arch rock


Recovery: 2’ per side super couch