CrossFit Endurance & TC Medtronic Mile Prep Program Starts March 5th, 2015

Runners Listen Up!!

If you've ever heard of CrossFit Endurance and been intrigued by a low-mileage, high-intensity, skill-based approach to endurance training, this program is the perfect way to start.

Our Runners Prep program will complete 10 weeks of CrossFit Endurance training, culminating with the TC Medtronic 1 Mile on May 14, 2015.

Most approaches to running and endurance training are based on establishing a high volume regime and pay little to no mind to skill or technique when it comes to running. Every endurance athlete knows from experience however that a small bit of increased efficiency goes a long way in terms of establishing speed at distance. Most Endurance athletes also know from experience that volume leads to overuse and unfortunate injuries. It has long been a fact that 80% of all runners are injured every year. As time goes by, the science is showing that running slow is not a recipe for speed on race day or health and sustainability year to year.

Program Schedule:

Week 1 -- 3/5 - 3/14 : 3x cadence based workouts, 3 Strength + CrossFit workouts

Week 2 -- 3/12 - 3/19 : 3x cadence based workouts, 3 Strength + 4 CrossFit workouts

Week 3 -- 3/19 - 3/26 : 4x cadence based workouts, 3 Strength + CrossFit workouts

Week 4 -- 3/26 - 4/2 : Short Interval, Long Interval, 2 mile Time Trial, 3 Strength + 4 CrossFit workouts

Week 5 -- 4/2 -- 4/9 : Short Interval x2, Long Interval, Tempo, 3 Strength + 3 CrossFit

Week 6 -- 4/9 -- 4/16: Short Interval x 1, Long Interval x 3, Time Trial, 3 Strength + 4 CrossFit

Week 7 -- 4/16 - 4/23: Petersen's Ghost, Tempo, Short Interval x 2, 3 Strength + 3 CrossFit

Week 8 -- 4/23 - 4/30: Long Interval x 2, Time Trial, Short Interval x 1, 3 Strength + 4 CrossFit

Week 9 -- 4/30- 5/7 : Mile Repeats, Tempo, Short Interval x 2, Strength x 3, CF x 3

Week 10 -- Taper

5/14 Race

CrossFit Endurance Strength and Conditioning Details

Participants will complete 3 Strength workouts per week (20-30 minutes in length) as well as 3-4 CrossFit workouts per week (5-20 minutes in length) in addition to the below-listed running training times.

The strength work for Power House members will be completed at the gym during normal class times. For non-gym members, do-it-yourself programming will be provided to be completed at another facility. The Power House has 10-packs of group training, or month to month gym memberships as well as ongoing membership packages that are available to people who are interested in completing the strength work at the gym. Visit our pricing page for more info. 

Weekly Running Schedule:
Monday 530pm
Wednesday 530pm
Saturday 11am
Sunday 9am
***Participants will meet in groups 2-3 times a week for running instruction and workouts. The times will rotate from the above list. Each week will have 2-3 running workouts.

Mobility & Soft Tissue Kits
We are huge advocates of soft tissue work and mobility for runners. We spend a significant amount of time in each session at the gym working on these things but they can definitely be done on your own if you have the tools to do it. We can offer the below items for a reduced price to support your healthy gams.
Lax Ball
Foam Roller
Versa Loop Band
***All participants receive 15% off the above items

$200 for 10-weeks or $20/week for Power House Members
$300 or $30/week for non-members

Click here to register non-members
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Call us at 651-699-4864 or email at powerhighland@gmail.com with your questions.