17.3 Spotlight – Natalie Schmitz

The CrossFit Open is about pushing yourself and exploring your potential – whether that is finding a new PR or completing a movement you’ve never done before, it’s the time to show yourself what you can do and what you’re made of! Our member, Natalie Schmitz, has fully embodied the meaning of the Open, and has done so quite inspirationally. 

Natalie jumped into 2017 with fitness on her mind and some serious goals – from mobility to strength to overall health, she set the bar high for herself. Over the past few months, she’s worked her butt off, and has without a doubt improved on all accounts. Her hard work shined extra bright during the most recent Open workout, 17.3, when she hit a PR in her snatch – multiple times. Snatching is tough and technical, and a lot of this workout was spent snatching. Her composure, confidence and attention to detail really helped her go above and beyond her expectations.  

Natalie is someone who will continue to train hard even after the Open. She’s already come so far and we are all so excited to see her grow! Knock out these next two workouts, Natalie! We will be cheering for you!

Learn more about Natalie and her training:

Name: Natalie Schmitz
Why do you CrossFit: Get out of my comfort zone, improve on my weaknesses and meet new people
What does the CrossFit Open mean to you: A fun new challenge and setting the bar for next year
Best piece of training advice: Show up, work hard, have fun!
Favorite workout beats: Oldies, country, classic rock, pop, folk rock, irish ballads - pretty much whatever is on Power House pandora
Favorite recovery tool: Supernova and gemini
Shout out to: Jenna and Meredith for coaching and helping me prepare for the Open