17.5 Spotlight – Chip Chang

The CrossFit Open has come to an end, but we couldn’t forget our 17.5 spotlight – Chip Chang! If you haven’t seen the video of Chip battling through 17.5, it is something you have to see – the crowd was going crazy and the energy was high. This was Chip’s first Open, and we’re so glad she did it! It’s hard to believe that when she first started training at The Power House she had never done a double under, because on Sunday she whipped out 350! Chip gets better and better everyday and we’re always inspired by her dedication and work ethic. Read more about Chip and her 17.5 experience! 

Name: Chip Chang

Why do you CrossFit: Mostly to train for ultimate frisbee and make sure I can make it through without any major injuries! And because I just want someone to tell me what to do for a workout.

What does the CrossFit Open mean to you: After 17.1, I thought I made a huge mistake. But it's been really awesome to see what happens when adrenaline kicks in and a bunch of people come together to tackle the same intense workout. The Open was a great marker for me because I couldn't do a double under when I first joined Power House, and then I did 17.5!

Best and most challenging part of 17.5: The best part was the general cheering, but then it also made me really nervous when I was the last one left and everyone was just watching me... It did make me grind out the last round real fast though! The challenging part was definitely the mental battle during round 1 when I could only string together a few DU in a row, and thought, I'm going to need all 40 minutes. And also somewhere around round 6 when I realized I still had many more rounds to go.

Best piece of training advice: Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do, especially yourself. You're your own biggest critic!

Favorite workout beats: Anything other than that Valentine's Day playlist. I love Chuck's 90s rap playlist and all the Rage Against the Machine that Logan has recently added to the mix!

Favorite recovery tool: I don't know the name of my actual favorite recovery tool, so I'll just say the lacrosse ball because you can use it for so many things!

Shout out to: There's too many people, all the women and the instructors who are crushing it! And I wouldn't have gotten through the Open without: Jenna who doesn't take any of my excuses and makes me lift really heavy things, Courtney who's become a workout buddy who I have to try really hard around but I can complain to about Jenna making me lift heavy things (just kidding), and Sara Ford and Julie who are inspirational rockstars and I hope I'm like them one day!!