Take a moment and imagine the following scenario. It's the middle of your work day and that sluggishness is starting to sink in. You've already been sitting at your desk for hours and the same thing awaits you for the rest of the afternoon (not to mention the rest of the week). You start to crave some sugar for a quick-pick-me-up, and by the time you leave the office there will hardly be time to get home and do all the things you need to do before tomorrow starts.


NOW- imagine instead that you had the opportunity to get the best workouts of your life AT WORK- quickly, effectively, and affordably. Work starts to feel more empowering and fun. You can't wait to go the next day to see what the Workout of the Day is. You bond with coworkers over your results and hard work in the gym. This translates into better teamwork in the office. You have way more energy throughout the day and are getting sick less. You're discovering healthier ways to eat and how to plan meals for work that keep you satisfied. You have more time with your family because you already took care of your workout during the day. You've dropped that 10 lbs you could never get rid of, and are in the best shape of your life. ALL AT WORK.


Sounds awesome, right?


We can help your company realize this vision. Our CorpFit program is guaranteed to change the culture in any work environment. We have a retention rate of over 90% in our CorpFit program and we provide a comprehensive suite of services that works with the company’s existing health care structure to address nutrition, fitness and body ­composition in a fun environment. The following are just a few known benefits to our programs:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sick days
  • Reduced worker’s comp
  • Reduced on­ the ­job injuries
  • Increased sense of community and camaraderie between coworkers
  • Increased job­ satisfaction
  • A major talking-point for prospective hires
  • Creative solution to increasing health care costs for employers.
  • Collective weight losses and commitment to health


Find us some space at your location, and we will help design and supply equipment that suit your needs and budget, and then we will have a coach staffed for workouts 1-5 days per week for the hours that best suit the company. Employees can sign up for 30 minute or 1 hour sessions at affordable price points. We will work with you to customize the program to be the best fit for your business.


Contact or call 651-699-4864 to inquire about bringing our CorpFit program to your company. 


Are you already a member of our Corporate Fitness program? Lucky You! Be sure to check out our PowerBlog for Max's programming and Our Store page for products we can provide you. Let us know what you need and we will bring it on over!

Already in a Corporate Fitness program?

Be sure to check out our PowerBlog each day for a sneak peak at your workout

and Our Store page for products we can provide you.

Let us know what you need and we will bring it on over!

"Working with The Power House has helped me access my strength and mobility in ways I didn't know I could. From the beginning, Max has encouraged and pushed me to a new level of performance. At the same time I have discovered new things I love and more strength than I knew I had. Training at The Power House has been an invaluable experience for me due to the knowledge and commitment to me as an athlete, and improving how I feel, move, and participate in my life."

Meredith Forbes