Whether you are an individual, athletic team, or a business looking to lower rates of illness and injury, our philosophy is that every hour spent in assessment saves years in treatment. We are committed to getting to know you, the way you move, as well as your history and your goals, before designing a program customized to your abilities and ambition. That way, we can best serve serve your initial goals and needs, while also maintaining high levels of safety and quality movement and design long­term goals for the future.


For some, this means working one­-on-­one with our coaches, for other it is following a regular schedule of group training. For many, it is a combination of our services that achieve the best results. Almost all of our athletes have a slightly different combination of training services that they take advantage of at The Power House at Highland. The key word is customization.


We also offer comprehensive remote programming services where we provide you with weekly customized programming based on your individual needs and environment (ie equipment access at home/work, travel, etc.). Please contact us if you are interested in our remote programming services.



Functional Movement Systems screen (FMS)


The Functional Movement System is a screening tool we widely utilize to get a common baseline for our athletes. Many major athletic organizations, including Manchester United and the NFL combine, require an FMS score of above 14 to receive a contract. Why? A score of above 14 reduces your likelihood of non-contact injury by a whopping 90%. Having that kind of information for your group, and tools for corrective exercises, is invaluable.


The FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness. Our coaches are certified FMS specialists, which means we are fluent in the language of diagnosing and creating plans for correcting movement dysfunctions. Your coach will guide you or your group through a series of movement screens looking for any muscle imbalances or poor movement patterns. This is a proven, research­based system for diagnosing asymmetry and dysfunction in the body's mechanics and then correcting that asymmetry through a combination of soft tissue work, stretching, mobilizing and strengthening.


The FMS works extremely well in both individual and team settings, creating a common language and awareness of how each person moves and how it will impact their training. For many people, the FMS reveals things they never realized about their body and this information helps the athlete train smarter. It also allows the coach to tailor programming better, and importantly, receive a very consistent experience with any of our coaches since we can all “speak the FMS language.” In short, it simplifies the very complex world of movement and keeps everyone on the same page.


For businesses, this is a powerful tool to bring awareness to the movement functionality of employees, a starting point for physical health and wellness plans, and a way to decrease on-the-job injuries and workers' comp claims. A group of trainers who provided a garbage removal company with FMS screens saved them an estimated $300K in insurance claims!


Ways the FMS helps:


Communication: ­ The FMS utilizes simple language, making it easy for individuals, exercise professionals, and physicians to communicate clearly about progress and treatment.


Evaluation: ­ The screen effortlessly identifies asymmetries and limitations, diminishing the need for extensive testing and analysis.


Standardization: ­ The FMS creates a functional baseline to mark progress and provides a means to measure performance.


Safety: ­ The FMS quickly identifies dangerous movement patterns so that they can be addressed. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.


Corrective Strategies: ­ The FMS can be applied at any fitness level, simplifying corrective strategies of a wide array of movement issues. It identifies specific exercises based on individual FMS scores to instantly create customized treatment plans.


Contact Us to schedule your private or team FMS screens. 






"Our entire family has known and been training with Max for the past 6 years and have loved every minute! Max has an incredible ability to create unique and effective programming; from helping Courtney shave 15 minutes off of her marathon PR, to assisting Dana and Catherine in mastering their one-armed handstands, to helping Steve be in the best shape of his life at 50+ years old, he has allowed each of our family members to become stronger, fitter, and more adaptable athletes. Regardless of your fitness goals, working with Max and his team at The Power House will help you to not only reach your goals, but also to re-define your perceived limits through physical, nutrition, and psychological coaching in an incredibly motivating, supportive, and FUN environment!"

The Alpeter Family