Personalized Private Training




We believe that any way you partake in the training offered at The Power House will be effective, fun, transformational, and safe. Opting to work with a coach one­ on ­one in private sessions is a fantastic opportunity to get the personalized attention, challenging coaching, and results that you desire.


Private coaching will assess any movement restrictions you may have, using the FMS screen and other tools to identify optimal movement patterns. Our coaches will create a custom plan for building strength and stamina, and make progress through our extensive tracking programs. This is a great option for everyone­ from a person looking to build general strength and physical preparedness, to someone recovering from an injury, or looking to excel in their specific sport or modality.


Contact Us for more information and visit our pricing page to register for a package.



Semi-Private Coaching


Semi-Private Coaching sessions is for groups of 2-8 people who want individualized coaching within a small group setting. This is great for getting the custom programming and results of private training, but at a shared cost and group atmosphere. Work out with your family, friends, coworkers, or classmates- Suffer together, succeed together!


Sessions must be booked with a minimum of one other, and cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance. Please contact us for more information and visit our pricing page for rates.

"Power House - Fitness Done Right.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the Power House approach to fitness - understand the client's goals, assess the client's fitness level, utilize and develop fitness plans appropriate for that level and goals, teach and coach new fitness skills in a controlled setting, challenge skill and fitness at an appropriate pace, watch client improve, coach ..... Repeat"

- Mike Gray, parent and client