The Power House Run Club

The Power House Run Club is an informal running group for community members to get together and knock out some fun runs throughout the training season! Runs will be held at various locations and cover a range of distances. All paces will be accommodated, and the runs are open to the public.

Our Fearless Run Club Leader is Meredith Forbes! Contact her with all your questions and join The Power House Members Only Facebook Group for running updates.

2017 Run Club Schedule:

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Date: Monday, May 22
Meeting Place: The Power House
Time: 4PM
Distance: 3 miles

Date: Monday, June 19
Meeting Place: Fort Snelling State Park
Time: 7AM
Distance: 3-5 miles

Date: Monday, July 17
Meeting Place: Murphy-Hanrehan Park
Time: 7AM
Distance: 5-10 miles

Date: Monday, August 13
Meeting Place: Afton State Park
Time: 8AM
Distance: 6-15 miles

Date: Friday, September 22
Meeting Place: River Bottoms
Time: 5PM
Distance: 5-15 miles

Race Prep Services

If you've ever heard of CrossFit Endurance and been intrigued by a low-mileage, high-intensity, skill-based approach to endurance training, our programs are the perfect way to start.  

Most approaches to running and endurance training are based on establishing a high volume regime and pay little to no mind to skill or technique when it comes to running. Every endurance athlete knows from experience however that a small bit of increased efficiency goes a long way in terms of establishing speed at distance. At The Power House, we believe in strong runners; runners who are bulletproof to injury and train smart to achieve their distance goals.

Running Programs:

16 Week Marathon Prep Program

The 2017 Marathon Prep Program is officially June 10-October 1, 2017, based on the Twin Cities Marathon race, but can be accommodated for other marathons and race distances throughout the season.

There are FOUR LEVELS to choose from in our race preparation offerings, depending on your level of training commitment and budget.

Level 1: 26.2 Training Packet
The 26.2 Training Packet is a comprehensive support guide written by CSCS and CrossFit Endurance expert Max Lipset on a 16 week mileage breakdown and log, a supplement guide, activation warmup series, and recovery protocol series. 
Cost: $26.20

Level 2: 26.2 Member Program
The ideal CrossFit Endurance training program combines 3-4 strength and conditioning workouts per week in addition to the low-mileage/high-intensity training runs leading up to race day, plus 1-2 recovery classes to heal soft tissue and prevent running-related injuries. Membership at The Power House provides unlimited CrossFit, Mobility, Pilates, and Yoga classes to compliment the training runs, as well as a Functional Movement Screen and customized corrective exercises.
Cost: Membership pricing ($99-$195 per month + $26.20 Training Packet)

Level 3: Additional Testing
For runners who require additional baseline testing and analysis to optimize performance, The Power House offers the following:

-Functional Movement Screen + Custom Corrective Exercises:
Cost: $200.00, included for PH members
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-InBody Body Composition: Analysis of segmental lean muscle mass, body fat, water mass, BMR/BMI, and more.
Cost: $35.00 per InBody screen, $25 for members
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-VO2 Max Deflection Test: A necessary benchmark for runners looking to add a Heart Rate component to their training.
Cost: $85.00, $35 for members
Book Now

-Comprehensive Gait Analysis: Video breakdown of stride technique, skill development priorities, Functional Movement Screen + Corrective Exercises, Deflection Test, InBody Body Composition Screen
Cost: $500.00
Email Max Lipset, CSCS to Book Now

Level 4: 360° Complete Custom Program 
Athletes with specific performance goals (hello, Boston!) have had great success with our 360° program, which includes:
-Membership to The Power House with unlimited CrossFit, Recovery, and Specialty classes
-FMS Screen, InBody Body Composition Analysis, and Deflection Test
-Custom Heart Rate-based 26.2 mileage packet
-One private training session per month
Cost: $360.00 per month


Supplements & Mobility Tools 

We are huge advocates of soft tissue work and mobility for runners. We spend a significant amount of time in each session at the gym working on these things but they can definitely be done on your own if you have the tools to do it. We offer the following items at the gym to support your training: 
Lacrosse Balls
Foam Rollers 
Versa Loop Band
Designs for Health pharmaceutical-grade supplements

Call us at 651-699-4864 or email at with your questions.