Summer rocks. School is out, the weather is nice, and it is the perfect time to get into the gym and build your strongest foundation for fitness and athletic performance.

"The crew from The Power House trained my football team last summer, and we achieved a level of strength and fitness that none of us thought was possible."

-Ed Perrault, SPA Boys Varsity Football Coach

Ten Domains of Fitness:
  • Cardiovascular/ Respiratory Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Motor Control/Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Balance


If you are a D1 athlete, three sport high school athlete, CrossFitter or working out for the first time, The Power House is your place this summer! We focus our athletic programming on The Ten Domains of Fitness; helping you fulfill your athletic potential!

Summer Programs Offered:

Program Overview 

Our summer training is science-based and result-oriented. We are very serious about how we get our athletes to reach their peak performance, and don't leave this up to chance or intuition. To promote long-term training and performance improvements in each participant, our strength and conditioning coaches have systematically designed the summer's workouts to follow a periodized approach to training.


This means that the workouts are preplanned, varied in style and adaptation, high intensity, and volume organized. Periodized training regimens follow several cycles: macrocycles, mesocycles and microcycles. Macrocycles is the broad stroke "big picture" look that includes the entire year's training- pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season. The mesocycle can be several weeks to several months, depending on the individual athlete's goals and, if applicable, number of sports competitions during or leading up to this period. Each mesocycle is divided into two or more microcycles, which can last one to four weeks.


To maximize strength and power gains throughout the nine week summer training, we have divided our programming into two microcycles, each lasting four weeks with baseline testing taking the first two days and results testing on the last two days. The first 4.5 week cycle will be strength-focused, and the second 4.5 week cycle will be power-focused. This summer mesocycle will be put in the context of the youth athlete's sport-specific macrocycle, making the program especially comprehensive and global for performance, as well as injury-prevention. For college prep and other athletes who are available to train for three months, we will add another strength and power cycle to the summer.

All that science talk being said, this is also an awesome program for any kid who wants to get some exercise, meet new kids, and have fun! Especially for our younger athletes- grade and middle school- the approach will be mainly focused on movement mechanics and motor control, creating the correct muscle memory for weight training as they get older. Don't worry if you can't attend the whole summer. The most commitment you can make will yield the best results, but spending time in the gym getting fit will help even if you have other summer commitments.


Please read the the general information below regarding the summer program, including registration, scheduling, detailed program descriptions, and FAQs.


*BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Our Leadership Roundtable is free and open to all registered athletes. The Roundtable will cover a variety of leadership and health-related topics and guide athletes on their journey to an integrated and overall enjoyment of lifelong wellness. 

Have fun, be challenged, improve your fitness, and be a part of a community that values each athletes goal.


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Thu Oct 19, 2017
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Sat Oct 21, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Junk Yard Dogs: Ages 13-18